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6 Things Found On Craigslist You Should NEVER Buy

Who doesn’t love Craigslist with all the bargains galore you can score. Some people claim they have created an entire life from things found on Craigslist such as a job, a mate, an apartment, furniture for their apartment, a car and so on. You can pretty much find everything on this groovy site and it’s ease of use coupled with the fact that’s 100% free for both buyers and sellers, makes it that much more attractive a tool to love.

However there are SOME things you should never buy on Craigslist . Such as:

1. Hair Products

We love a good bargain just as the next guy but be careful what you’re really getting for that $5, $10 or $15 bucks. Some things such as hair products are definitely not worth the few bucks in savings. Go to Walgreens, CVS or Walmart instead and get something cheap – but new.

2. Sofa’s

Two words for you. Bed Bugs. Craigslist is notorious for people selling crazy stuff but this is one item you should most definitely stay clear of. Unfortunately some individuals think the buck is worth not telling a prospective customer that their gently used sofa or futon will have unwanted guests on board. Stay far far away from sofa’s and futons on Craigslist, you’ve been warned.

say no to used sofas

3. Bed Sheets

This piggybacks on the item above, it’s a no brainer really. Did you know that you can score a brand new pair of bed sheets at Kmart, Walmart or even Kohl’s for less than $20. Yes, you can. Shop around a bit and see for yourself how inexpensive a brand new set of bed sheets can be.

4. Pillows

If you’ve read down this far, then it should be clear that no bedding piece is a good buy on Craigslist, including pillows. You just never know who’s been on it, what’s been done on it or what’s been done to it. How it’s been cleaned? Whether it’s been cleaned? Etc.

5. Baby Crib

Do you really want to place your clean and beautiful baby on a used crib that might have a wonky history. Buy cheap but new instead or ask your friends and family members to be on the lookout for a gently used crib that someone YOU KNOW might have available. This is ten times better than buying used from a complete stranger.

6. Used Underwear (Eww)

Do we really need to expound on this one? Really. OK. We will then. If you’re that dead broke that you have to buy secondhand underwear you might have much bigger problems at hand. This is one item you should NEVER buy secondhand whether on Craigslist or anywhere.

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