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The Coolest Legal Eagles on the Planet

Television has creative licence to show us the best and the worst of the legal world. Some people say that these characters are spookily similar to real life counterparts, whilst others refuse to believe that such personalities exist in solicitors and lawyers’ offices. Read on and revisit the characters that you may not want to represent you in a court of law…

Ally McBeal was ground breaking in terms of a daydreamer going to court and strangely winning so many cases. Her full repertoire of daydreams/hallucinations included frequent visits by Al Green and Barry White in the unisex toilets. We loved her for her legal success but her dippy manner. Her love life was terribly flawed too – she was every thirty something professional singleton, except that she ran off into the sunset with Jon Bon Jovi!


Calista Flockhart014.jpg

The great thing about DCI Tennyson was that she was a brilliant detective. She played hardball with the big boys at the police station and was never intimidated by the serial killers that she was tracking down. We found her appealing due to her flawed nature and personal sadness, making her easy to relate to. Tennyson was a mould breaker in terms of a woman making DCI, she was based on a real life female Detective Chief Inspector who certainly knew the challenges of staying at the top of her profession.



Cracker was a classic character. He loved drinking, chain smoking and had an ongoing affair with a police officer. His insight into the criminal mind, however, was brilliant. As the resident criminal psychologist in the police station, his talent for profiling criminals was amazing. Robbie Coltrane (later Hagrid) will forever be associated with the cheeky dude called Cracker.



Alicia Florrick is the Good Wife. She is a beautiful woman who is curiously talented in the field of law. Having hung up her lawyer badge to raise a family, after returning she became a top lawyer, straight away. Her unflagging good looks, flirtatious encounters and unbelievable, yet always righteous way of dealing with clients gets her a mention.


The Good Wife

Patty Hughes is terrifying as a top litigation lawyer in Damages. Glenn Close has always had a penchant for the slightly unnerving but unquestionably strong female characters (remember her portrayal as a bunny boiler in Fatal Attraction with Michael Douglas? Also, the utterly terrifying Cruella De Ville in 101 Dalmatians?)She shows us the dark side of litigation and she will stop at nothing to get the damages that she demands for her clients. Even when her clients want to settle, she plays every trick in the book to get her own way. She is a scary litigator but you would certainly want her on your side.


Glenn Close (Damages)

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