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10 Hot Cars That Make Even Women Fapp


10 Hot Cars That Make Even Women Fapp

Women love cars just as much as the next guy and we like them hot, fast and sexy. See some examples below. Everything from a Porsche GT3 to a Volkswagen Beetle are showcased on our list.

1. 2011 Mercedez Benz SLS AMG

This is the ultimate from the Mercedez Benz line of coupes and it mirrors or is inspired by the 1950′s Mercedez 300 SL that had the same upward opening doors and similar body detailing. When you have wings for car doors, does it matter that you’re sporting a 2011 model. Probably not.

Price: $183,000

2011 mercedes benz sls amg

2. 2011 Porsche GT3 RS

Any Porsche roadster is sexy all the way. But woman would cream all over the special colors on this model, the GT3 RS with its duel block color design of grey and red. Not too mention 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds and a virile V6 engine.

Price: $135,000

2011 porsche gt

3. 2011 Rolls Royce Phantom

For the classy lady who loves a touch of high style, here’s the 2011 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead in baby blue. It carries a powerful V8 engine, MP3 player, built-in bluetooth, side and curtain airbags and a classy price to boost.

Price: $447,000.

2011 rolls royce phantom in beach blue

4. 2012 Lexus LFA

From the high end line of Lexus coupes comes this beautiful Canary yellow two door LFA coupe, that sports a majestic V10 engine under the hood and a matching majestic price as well.

Price: $375,000

2012 Lexus LFA

5. 2012 Jaquar XK

If you come from a long line of Jaguar lovers, because maybe your dad had one and your granddad, etc. then this lovely machine is the one for you. The Jaguar XK sports roadster is a sight to behold with the usual luxury amenities covered inside and out.

Price: $132,000

2012 jaguar XK

6. 2011 Cadillac CTS V Coupe

Sporty and powered by a robust V8 engine, the Cadillac CTS-V two door coupe can very well be a girls best friend.

Price: $58,000

2011 Cadillac CTS V Coupe

7. Bright Pink Fiat

Woman love the color pink. OK. I love the color pink and shouldn’t speak for all women, but for the ladies all around the world that do love the light elixir shade here’s an adorable bright pink Fiat coupe made just for you.

Price: $ Unknown


8. LS LC Lexus Concept Coupe

This dazzling number comes from Lexus and it was recently showcased and or talked about at the Detroit Auto Show where it won the Eyes On Design award for aesthetics and innovation in auto design.

Price: $ Unknown

lf lc lexus coupe

9. 2012 VW Beetle

According to a recent article, the VW Beetle is the 2nd most  popular vehicle among woman. A whopping 57.9% of woman are buyers of this car. We get the stat, as the car is small, affordable and looks like a poodle would – if it were a car.

Price: $25,720

2012 vw beetle in red


This is most likely a concept car as we couldn’t any information on it, but what a lovely and sexy concept it is. The STEFAN SCHULZE.

Price: $ Unknown


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