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5 Tips on How to Wear Your Hair for an Interview – For Girls

Everybody wants to make a good first impression, especially in an interview. And believe it or not, just like facial expressions, hair styles can speak volumes. Candidates that walk into interviews with wild, untameable hair that appears to have battled with several fierce rain storms, may find it a little harder to get that job! Girls that keep their hair looking smart and professional however are more likely to land that dream position.  

A professional look.

A professional look.

Keep hair neat, tidy and out of the way a basic high ponytail

One of the most popular choices, a basic high ponytail is a simple but effective style for an interview.  Keeping hair neatly pulled back, is a great way for candidates to say they are ready to be interviewed and ready for the job. To achieve this look, girls should brush their hair back from the front and up from the back until it meets at a high point. Then, simply use a bobble to keep hair pinned back and out of the way. Spraying a mist of hairspray over the style will keep the ponytail in place all day long, so that no matter what happens beforehand it will stay perfect for the interview.

Go for a stylish but sophisticated look with a tied back bun

For a stylish but sophisticated look, the tied back bun is a perfect style. Looking both beautiful and professional, girls are bound to make a positive lasting impression. For this look, girls should comb hair into a tight ponytail like above, using a bobble to hold. Then, use hairspray to pin down any loose strands. Girls should proceed by taking the ends of their hair and wrapping it around the bobble to create the bun, which when done needs to be secured again using another bobble. Use bobby pins to stick down any loose strands and ensure that hair is neatly tucked away.

A sophisticated bun.

A sophisticated bun.

Clip back hair at sides to showcase your facial expressions

Girls that are constantly scraping back their hair out of their eyes during an interview are bound to get frustrated. Not only is it distracting for the interviewer, it is also a complete annoyance for the candidate. It will be near impossible for girls to stay calm and collected if their hair is falling like curtains before their eyes. Therefore by using a bobby pin to fasten back a small section of hair at the left side and then repeating the process for the right side, girls will feel in control and ready for anything that comes their way.

Show precision with a fancy French braid

For girls wanting to wear their hair a little more fancy, a French braid is a great choice. It is still neat and precise but has great detail to it which shows that the candidate can cope with anything. To achieve this style girls should brush through hair , smoothing over to get out all knots. Then pull back a section of hair on the top. Begin making a regular braid, dividing the area into three and repeatedly crossing over the left and the right sections. Then when partly braided, before crossing the right part of hair pull in a new segment to join and cross in. Do the same with the left, adding more hair. Repeat this process adding more and more hair from both sides until there is no more to add in.

Keep your hair part up, part down to represent your different sides

Girls with short hair who are unable to tie it completely back, can wear this part up, part down look to impress at interviews. Simply pull back a loose section of hair on top and use a gorgeous clip to fasten. A simple but smooth style, hair will stay hassle free with this beautiful look.

So, girls wanting to make a great impression at an interview should let their hair talk for them. Keeping it out of the way, neat, precise, sophisticated but still stunningly stylish will ensure that girls are doing all they can to help them stand out from the crowd and get that job!


By Maria Hubbard


Image Credits: Danila Panfilov and …love Maegan

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