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Most Dapper Geezers

Taste does not come naturally to some. Thankfully, however, there are some discerning men in our society who possess the holy grail of dressing: style, taste and poise. The following males are members of that rare club – the best dressed men with impeccable taste.

1.The first inspirational figure has to be Prince Charles . He has never strayed from the path of traditional English Gentlemen in his style but unsurprisingly, he does it very well. His bespoke suits are usually made from fine wool or linen and the Prince is often spotted in tweed when out in the countryside.  Understated luxury encapsulates his attitude to dressing. Yes, he is practical but Prince Charles is also a very stylish man.

Prince Charles

2.   Piers Morgan represents an Englishman abroad with his now firmly established TV rebirth in the United States. Love him or loathe him, it is difficult not to give Piers due credit for his snappy dressing. His love of the hand tailored Saville Row suits, have given him a gravitas and air of authority when hosting his CNN programme. Piers always sports traditional colours – he is seen regularly in navy blue and carries the look off with aplomb.


3. Tinnie Tempah is a musician who knows the power of a great look. He embraces traditional style, tweaks the whole look and creates a modern day gentleman aura. Tinnie is a fashion enigma who is not afraid to use colour. He is an exceptional musician and an exceptional dresser.

Tinnie Tempah


4. Prince Harry has a certain je ne sais quois in the fashion department. He can manage to look perfectly respectable in his Saville Row suits and then he is able to look rather dashing in his sloaney shirt and jeans combo. Hair is never too groomed and Harry often appears as though he has just climbed out of bed. The whole effect is of a man that doesn’t have to try too hard.;

5. Gary Barlow has certainly become a respected figure in the style stakes – he has adopted the classic suit with waistcoat combination and made it his own. Gary always looks extremely styled and classically dressed. The marriage of the pop hero and the fashionable cool dresser certainly earns Gary Barlow a place in the inspirations top five.

6.J ohnny Depp has always had individuality when it comes to choosing clothes. He has a unique way of using both formal and informal items of clothing. He mixes it up and always appears effortlessly cool. He will take a linen shirt (naturally it will be crumpled) and put a formal waistcoat on top. Take a trilby hat, numerous bracelets and necklaces then the iconic look is complete. Many could not appear in the same clothing and appear so very together. Mr Depp provides us with a hefty dose of creativity, as well as the confidence to push dressing to the boundaries.

Johnny Depp

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