7 Reasons Why You Should Support Ellen And Her JC Penney Campaign

You’ve got to hand it to Ellen, she has completely revamped her career and is on a massive upward trajectory. She has her own (quite successful) talk show, was a (not so successful) judge on American Idol last year, became a spokeswoman for Cover Girl (of all companies) and now is heading up a HUGE campaign for JC Penney.

But for all her success and fans that love her, there’s animosity and detractors. We love Ellen and below we dish on seven reasons why you should love her too and support her JC Penney efforts.

1. She’s 54, But Looks 34

Say what you want about Ellen, but you can’t deny she looks awesome. I had no clue she was 54, when I recently read it somewhere. The woman looks way younger, so we love her for looking way awesome.

ellen degeneres in sunglasses

2. Scarves, Scarves and More Scarves

If you’re an avid watcher of the Ellen talk show, then you know she has a thing for scarves. Lots of them and she wears them in sometimes funny ways like what’s pictured below. It shouldn’t be too hard to find Ellen in a scarf, just watch an episode of her TV talk show this week and you’ll see what we mean.

ellen and one of her many many scarves

3. Ellen Stands For Fairness and Equality

As an openly gay woman, Ellen stands for fairness and equality in all things, including marriage for everyone, equal opportunity divorce and of course the right to bear scarves.

gay is good gay is great

4. Her Mom Is Adorable

You can tell a lot about a person from how they treat their mom. Ellen always showers mom with kudos, takes her to dangerous and exotic events like the Annual Academy awards show, buys her lots of expensive toys and occasionally will pimp mom out on her talk show. Wait! That’s Portia.

ellen mom is adorable

5. Ellen Plays Golf For Charity

Ellen regularly teams up with various celebrities including Justin Timberlake with whom she played a good game with a few years back, with all proceeds of the golf events going toward charitable causes. She tends to have fun on the green and usually stirs up enough media attention to bring in the big bucks.

ellen playing golf

6. She’s Openly Gay

Ellen has been officially gay since about 1997 when she publicly came out on her then TV show. She has since been linked to a few high profile actresses but no one fit the bill quite like Portia De Rossi. Whom she married in August 2008. This matters to her JC Penney campaign because it proves she sticks with and fights for what she cares about.

ellen and portia

7. Match Made in Heaven

Ellen loves everything JC Penney stands for, because they are her values too. We think they’re a match made in heaven and we believe Ellen will bring JC Penney press, attention and customers – money can’t buy. Now go dance!

ellen and jc penney perfect match

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