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A Guide to Great Swimwear for Serious Swimmers

When it comes to swimming, most people choose swimwear which is stylish, wanting to look good on the beach as well as in the sea or swimming pool. However for those who are more serious about their swimming, performance swimwear is needed. Traditionally performance swimwear has been very functional and to be honest a little dull with a choice of either plain back or plain navy in most cases.

Thankfully times have changed in the performance swimwear arena with manufacturers now realising that serious swimmers not only want functional swimwear but stylish swimwear too. In this article we take a look at the current performance swimwear trends for 2012 for both males and females.

Male Performance Swimwear
Performance swimwear for men was very limited until a couple of years ago with the market mainly being taken up by Speedo and their iconic tiny brief style shorts. Luckily the market has expanded widely for men’s performance swimwear, the Maru swimwear collection now offers functional pieces in a variety of cuts and fits which also offer the latest style trends.

Although brief style shorts are still popular, many men are now looking to longer length shorts for style. Referred to as ‘jammers’ by Maru swimwear, these swim shorts resemble lycra cycling shorts but have in fact been made from DOW XLA chlorine proof fabric. This fabric is longer lasting than lycra whilst helping performance through tension and controlled pressure on specific muscles, helping you to preserve energy.

Jammers come in a range of styles with the hot trends for 2012 being eye-catching panels down the side of the legs in bright colours and 80s inspired prints. Due to the subtle compartmental designs, jammers are easy to team with rash vests and wetsuits for a more coherent look.

Jammers are all the rage for 2012.

Jammers are all the rage for 2012.

Female Performance Swimwear

For years, Adidas have been the leading female swimwear brand in relation to performance, offering their simple designs in black and navy with the odd white stripe for the full Adidas effect. Today, ladies performance swimwear has a few more options thanks to the likes of Maru and draws inspiration from the ‘mix and match’ trend of other clothing designs – something completely new to the performance swimwear market.

For 2012, women can choose a range of tops and bottoms which co-ordinate and contrast to create some fabulous looks. This season, the swimwear trend is for vibrant or eye-catching bottoms with plainer tops. Team wild leopard or zebra print shorts with plain black vests for a great look. Combine bold coloured brief style bottoms such as orange or royal blue with plain tops in a neutral colour to help balance out the body. Some designers are even launching reversible pieces which allow you to create a perfect mix and match look for a fraction of the cost.


So whether you’re a professional swimmer who competes at your sport, or just enjoy doing laps in the pool, there is now a range of performance swimwear which also offers fashionable designs too.



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