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The Coolest Houses on TV

TV is a great place to see fantastic inspirational homes. They might not always be the most practical places to live but they could very well trigger some inspired interior design.

1. Southfork on “Dallas”

This is possibly the most renowned ranch across America. This cool house was the chosen one for the filming of the famous television series “Dallas”.  Those yellow sunshades, the mahogany lined study, the chintz of JR’s bedroom have fuelled many an enthusiastic make over. Even, Bobby’s shower room may inspire and amuse non Dallas fans.

2. The Munsters Mansion on “The Munsters”

This is one ideal home everyone would love to walk into. It first appeared on “The Munsters” in the 1960s. The house was designed as a spooky dilapidated mansion, complete with a graveyard and copious amounts of spider’s webs. Located at Universal Studios, the Munsters Mansion was built in an area where an old fort once stood.

3. The Stratton Mansion on “Silver Spoons”

This magnificent mansion was first noticed on NBC via a popular sitcom, Silver Spoons. Though the mansion that was showed on TV was for American audience, the private mansion was, in fact, in England. The mansion is a pretty old one, built in 1481 by Compton Wynyates. The mansion was also used in a Disney film called “Candleshoe” in 1977.

4. Knebworth House for the 1989 Batman film

This country house is in Hertfordshire, England was used in a 1989 movie Batman. The house was built in 1490 and belongs to Lytton family since then. The house was built of genuine red-brick and was inspired by the Gothic style of architecture. Sir Edward Lutyens redesigned the interior of this house. Since its opening, the house has been remodeled several times over. A herb garden that was designed in the early 20th century was planted many decades later near the house. Today, the house along with its grounds and gardens can be accessed by the public.

5. Wayne Manor for the Batman film

Wayne Manor is also fondly remembered as a bat cave as it was the place where Batman was living. This is as per various renditions that graced TV channels many times over in the past. Though there have been many versions of this home on TV, the one that is best remembered by viewers is the classic Adam West. The house is fully embedded with technologies that are “bat-themed”. Among interesting gadgets you are likely to find inside the house are: shark repellent, the batzooka, etc. It would be a great project to gadgetize your house, everyone needs a bat phone!

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